Consultation on water quality issues in Uttar Pradesh, India

Water quality issues both biological and chemical are of grave concerns within many regions in India. The State of Uttar Pradesh (UP), has added cause for concern due to growing incidences of natural and man-made contamination such as fluoride, arsenic, chromium, iron, to name a few. Owing to the complexity of the problem there is a need to bring together concerted efforts along with systematic action. Keeping this in mind a small consultation began in Lucknow on 7th August 2015 to initiate a collaboration of the diverse knowledge and action nodes within UP.

This meeting gave rise to a platform called Jal Chaupal. ‘Jal’ in Hindi means ‘water’ and ‘Chaupal’ essentially is an Indian system of community gatherings in villages where everyone has an equal voice. ‘Jal Chaupal’ became a group of different individuals who are working on or interested to work on water quality issues in UP. It is completely apolitical with no allegiance to any political party, institute or organization.

The first meeting of Jal Chaupal for awareness and discussion was held on 12-13 January in Lucknow. Representatives from various government departments, NGOs, media and educational institutions participated. This meeting brought out key suggestions on what should be taken ahead for policy, capacity building and community capacity building and action for water quality in UP.

It was envisioned that ‘Jal Chaupal’ in coming times would act as an effective platform for taking forward activities for better water and health within UP. For more information, please click here.