LA-WETnet and National Water Agency in Peru sign MOU for capacity development

An MOU between LA-WETnet and ANA Peru aims to initiate capacity development in support of the water resources knowledge management system at country level in Peru.

ANA was created on March 13, 2008 by the Legislative Decree No. 997, in order to manage, preserve, protect and exploit the water resources of different basins sustainably promoting a new water culture.

This agreement aims to establish a general framework of cooperation, alliances and combining efforts to develop activities that contribute to the implementation of the Knowledge Management System in IWRM and capacity development of stakeholders in Peru for IWRM.

LA-WETnet was formed in Lima, Peru, in 2002, and since then has had an active role in water capacity development, delivering 15 courses and collaborating with 14 partners, many involved in various collaborative activities.

Currently LA-WETnet has an ongoing project with Water for People Peru, strengthening capacities for water and sanitation boards (JASS) in the districts of Cascas and Asuncion.

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