Workshop on Water Supply and Sanitation - August 2018, Dominican Republic.

A workshop on Water Supply and Sanition will take place in the month of August 2018 in Dominican Republic. This workshop is a partnership between REDICA, Universidad Agroforestal Fernando Arturo de Meriño, REDAR and SOCOSADA.

To be conducted in Spanish, the workshop aims to analyses the local situation and to share the knowledge, policies and practices in terms of IWRM; and discuss the ways to enhance local people participation and local authorities in sustainable water management and development. The workshop will have especial emphasis on women and girls needs and rights.

The workshop is open to maximum 20 participants representing various stakeholders group from entire water sector, health sector, faculty members and communities and representatives of the private sector; decision makers, policy makers, and managers in local governments.

The course covers the concept of problem-based learning and change management, aimed at understanding and implementing the principles and strategies for sustainable water management.

In addition, the workshop combines in a balanced way theoretical and practical components. The review of cases, documents, and tools in combination with discussion and exercises.

There is no course fee; participants will be selected by the organizing committee considering professional background, and gender balance and the course will be conducted in Spanish.

For More Information please contact REDICA Secretariat.