Cap-Net at Stockholm World Water Week 2016

Cap-Net UNDP secretariat participated at the World Water Week in Stockholm themed Water for sustainable development, 28 August to 2 September 2016. The programme displayed and distributed promotional material and knowledge products at the UNDP booth shared with other UNDP Water and Ocean Governance Programme delivery mechanisms. Over 800 USB sticks with updated Cap-Net material were distributed to participants and information on the launch of the Cap-Net in your pocket mobile app.

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Cap-Net UNDP welcomes Marianne Kjellén as the new UNDP Senior Water Advisor

Cap-Net UNDP welcomes Marianne Kjellén to the Cap-Net family, and congratulate her on her capacity as the UNDP Senior Water Advisor.

Marianne Kjellén (PhD), Senior Water Advisor, works with the Water & Ocean Governance Programme within the Bureau for Policy and Programme Support. She has over twenty years of experience of water and development work. With a focus on the governance of service delivery and resources management, she works on the cross-cutting issues of integrity (anti-corruption), gender, and human rights. She advocates for the importance of investing into human capacity and organization; as a means for making investments into physical infrastructure render its intended benefits to the intended people. Her most recent work focuses on governance issues in relation to sanitation and wastewater management.

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Training on “Human right to water and sanitation in the context of climate change” in Antigua, Guatemala

REDICA organised a course last week on Human Right to Water and Sanitation in the context of Climate Change. The activity took place in Antigua, Guatemala, with 24 participants from all of Latin America. The objectives of the course was to strengthen capacities on the human rights to water and sanitation as a way to we contribute to sustainable water governance and quality of life in Latin America. The course was organised in collaboration with the Spanish Agency for International Development (AECID) and was held at their center in Antigua.

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Launch of new university course on “Climate risks management” in Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan

Training on the university course “Climate risks management” was held on 22-24 of August in Kyzylorda. The training was organized by the Central Asian Regional Water Network CAR@WAN with the support of UNESCO Cluster Office in Almaty in collaboration with the Water Partnership of Kazakhstan and the Kazakh research institute of rice named after I. Zhakhaev.

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Online Course: Introduction to Statistics Applied to Socio-economic Aspects of IWRM

The course was delivered to 15 professionals through Cap-Net’s Virtual Campus (Capacity Development in Sustainable Water Management) from May 30 to July 8, 2016

The course was organized by INA-CELA as part of the Training Program on “Economic and Financial Instruments for IWRM”. Through the use of statistical techniques, the course aimed at training participants in the analysis and interpretation of data associated with water resources socio-economic variables.

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Training Manual on Integration of Indigenous Rights and Knowledge into Water Resources Management

Cap-Net UNDP is developing a training manual on integrating indigenous peoples’ rights and traditional knowledge into water resources management. The content includes rights-based and gender perspectives; indigenous knowledge and technologies in water management; indigenous peoples’ access to water; indigenous peoples in water conflict management, and implementation of an intercultural approach in the IWRM project cycle.

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Groundwater Availability and Use in the Dry Zone of Sri Lanka 22 July, Sri Lanka

Symposium on Groundwater Availability and Use in the Dry Zone of Sri Lanka will be conducted on 22 July 2016 in Appathurai Auditorium, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya. This is organized by Cap-Net Lanka, postgraduate Institute of Agriculture (PGIA), University of Peradeniya and International Water Management Institute (IWMI). It will disseminate the knowledge generated on the availability and use of groundwater in Sri Lanka where water is being increasingly exploited. The symposium will include a panel discussion aiming at producing a much needed policy document.

Flood forecasting and disaster management systems in the context of climate change – 16th to 19th August, Kinshasa, DRC

The course is the result of a collaboration between Cap-Net UNDP, CBHydroNet, UNDP DRC and UNIK. The main objective of the course is to build the capacity of a variety of towards an enhanced appreciation of the adequacy and effectiveness of flood forecasting disaster management systems in the Congo River Basin, as well as recognition of the need to ensure safety of the public and protect the environment against the impacts of the reoccurrence of floods. The target audience ranges from government officials, to public and private sector, as well as research and educational institutions.

For more information, please contact: Raphael Tshimanga

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