Training on Fluorosis and Arsenicosis – 12 March 2015, Guwahati, India.

On the 12th of March 2015 at Khanapura, Guwahati, India, SaciWATERs, Secretariat, Arsenic Knowledge and Action Network and INREM Foundation, Secretariat, Fluoride Knowledge and Action Network collaborated to address water related diseases such as Fluorosis and Arsenicosis that are neglected subjects within general medical curriculum. Due to the lack of trained medical personnel on these diseases and its related issues, this issue has posed challenges to offer quality medical and counselling services. Continue reading

Training Course: Negotiated Approach in Integrated Groundwater Management – 7th Oct in Kolkata, India and 10th Oct in Khulna, Bangladesh

SaciWATERs South Asia Cap-Net Network (SCAN) for the first in the series of workshops on ‘Negotiated Approach in Integrated Groundwater Management’ plans to organize a workshop on 7th October, 2015 in Kolkata, India and 10th October in Khulna Bangladesh.

The workshop is part of the project titled ‘Shifting Grounds: Institutional transformation, enhancing knowledge and capacity to manage groundwater security in peri-urban Gangetic delta systems’ funded by Netherlands Organization for scientific research (NWO), under Urbanising Delta of the World-Integrated Project call. Jagrata Juba Shangha (JJS), a local NGO based in Khulna and a partner of Continue reading

7th World Water Forum – 12 to 17 April 2015, Daegu-Gyeongbuk, South Korea.

The 7th World Water Forum was held in Daegu-Gyeongbuk, South Korea from 12 to 17 April 2015. This tri-annual event is the largest water-related event in the world in cooperation with the public, private sectors, academia, and industries. It was originally launched in an effort to facilitate international discussions on global water challenges. Dr. Themba Gumbo, Director of Cap-Net UNDP was one of the keynote speakers on ‘Thematic Process 4.5: Enhancing Education and Capacity Building’ on ‘Facing the changes in due time: Specific training for basin organizations’. Dr. Themba Gumbo gave a presentation on ‘A vision and perspective from Cap-Net UNDP’. The full presentation slides can be downloaded here. For more information, please visit the 7th World Water Forum official website or contact Dr. Themba Gumbo. Continue reading

Deadline Extension: Call for Research Scholarship: Promoting Young Researchers in South Asia for Grounded Gender-Agriculture Research

Research scholarships for ‘Promoting Young Researchers in South Asia for Grounded Gender-Agriculture Research’ is now opened for applications from Bangladesh, India and Nepal. The theme for this research is “Poverty Squares and Gender Circles: Unravelling Agriculture Gaps, Challenges and Opportunities in the Eastern Gangetic Plains” and is funded by the Consortium Group of International Agriculture Research (CGIAR) Water Land & Ecosystems in partnership with SaciWATERs. The project will award three Research Grants to local, mid-career researchers, and professionals (one each in North Bengal in India, North Bangladesh and Nepal Terai). This research scholarship aims at supporting multi-disciplinary, applied research on the interlinkages between gender relations, agriculture and ecological challenges. The 3 winning grants will be selected through a competitive review process. For the more information, please contact SaciWATERs or download the full grant call and project proposal template for application. The deadline has been extended to 31st of May 2015.

Cap-Tec Consultation Meeting – 26 to 27 March, 2015, Delft, The Netherlands

Cap-Tec consultation meeting took place from 26 to 27 March 2015 at Delft, The Netherlands. The meeting gathered the supply and demand sides of new technologies; water professionals and managers, development practitioners, policy makers, farmer representatives and industrialists, researchers, and capacity development specialists. Along the 2-day meeting, participants discussed salient questions and set the basis for the design of a capacity development programme for the period 2016-2019 which will be lead by Cap-Net UNDP under a partnership approach including partner organisations and affiliated networks. Meeting materials is available for download at the Cap-Net website via this link. For more information please contact Mr. Kees Leendertse or Mr. Damian Indij. Continue reading

WaterNet Master’s Degree Programme in IWRM (2015/16 Intake)

The Regional Masters Degree Program in IWRM remains central to WaterNet activities. A total of twenty eight applicants were selected for admission into the MSc program within the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) and the College of Engineering and Technology University of the Dar-es-Salaam (UDSM) for 2015/16 academic year. The twenty eight candidates were considered from the 56 shortlisted candidates; with fourteen candidates attending core courses of the programme at the UZ and specialisation modules at the indicated institutions in the table below. The remaining fourteen were admitted into the programme at UDSM. All the successful candidates are being sponsored through the WaterNet Fellowship Fund.

Regional Training of Trainers (TOT) on “Application of Remote Sensing Techniques in Irrigation Water Management” 11 to 15 May 2015, Tunisia (for Africa region)

Under the framework of TIGER initiative, the Sahara and Sahel Observatory (OSS) with collaboration from technical university in Delft (TU-DELFT) and support of Cap-Net (UNDP) is organizing ‘Training of Trainers (TOT)’ course in the “Application of Remote Sensing techniques in Irrigation Water Management” from 11 to 15 May 2015. The training will be held at OSS, Tunis, Tunisia. This course aims to develop the capacity of irrigation water managers and trainers on the application of Geographical Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) to retrieve relevant biophysical variables for water productivity and drought monitoring.

Continue reading

16th WaterNet/WARFSA/GWP-SA Symposium on Integrated Water Resources Management and Infrastructure Planning for Water Security in Southern Africa – 28 to 30 October 2015, Mauritius.

The 16th WaterNet/WARFSA/GWP-SA Symposium will be held on the island of Mauritius from the 28 to 30 of October 2015 under the theme ‘Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) and Infrastructure Planning for Water Security in Southern Africa’. The University of Mauritius is the lead host of the 16th Symposium. The Symposia has been held annually in the Eastern and Southern African region for the past 15 years to promote interaction among policymakers, academics, practitioners from water and related sectors, and cooperating partners. Great emphasis will be placed on integration of knowledge, particularly involving scholars from the natural, medical and social sciences. Continue reading

French and Portuguese Curriculum Development Workshop for the Regional Masters Programme in Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) – 19 to 20 March 2015, Pretoria, South Africa.

WaterNet convened a curriculum development workshop in Pretoria from 19 to 20 March 2015 for curriculum development of the Regional Masters Programme in IWRM for Francophone and Lusophone countries in the SADC region. The Regional Masters Programme in IWRM was conducted in English at the University of Zimbabwe’s (UZ) Civil Engineering Department and the University of Dar es Salaam’s (UDSM) College of Engineering since 2002 and 2003 respectively. Most WaterNet scholarships recipients have mainly been from Anglophone countries in the SADC and East African regions. Continue reading

Zimbabwe SADC Water Week – 17 to 19 March 2015, Harare, Zimbabwe.

The SADC Water Division under the auspices of the Infrastructure and Services Directorate in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, Water and Climate (MEWC), Global Water Partnership Southern Africa (GWP SA) and Zimbabwe Water Partnership (ZWP) held the Zimbabwe SADC Water Week at Rainbow Towers in Harare from 17 to 19 March 2015 under the theme ‘From Vision to Action’. Continue reading

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