Preparation of “Human rights-based approach to Integrated Water Resources Management (HRBA to IWRM)” training package Meeting with Cap-Net Partners – 4 to 6 June 2014, Ilha do Fundao, Rio de Janeiro.

A three day meeting took place at the Cap-Net UNDP office in Ilha do Fundao in Rio de Janeiro from 4-6 June 2014, with the objective to develop material and plan future activities for the training manual in applying the human rights-based approach to integrated water resources management (HRBA to IWRM). This meeting was important because it strengthened the collaboration of the 4 partners, WaterLex (, UNDP Water Governance Facility at SIWI (, REDICA ( and Cap-Net UNDP ( and contributions to capacity development in a topic that has not been technically elaborated yet in the field but that has impacts on sustainable water management. The outcomes of the meeting led to the finalisation of the content and structure of the manual and the facilitator guideline, the design of innovative tools for implementing HRBA to IWRM and the planning of the upcoming training of trainers in order to strengthen and enrich the utility of the material. In this way, the partners involved are ready to provide positive contributions in generating capacities to all the networks, organisations and key actors interested in this cross-cutting topic. For more information, please contact Dr. Bekithemba Gumbo.

Stockholm World Water Week – 31 August to 5 September 2014, Stockholm

The Stockholm World Water Week 2014 is back and will take place from 31 of August 2014. This event will be hosted and organised by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) and takes place in Stockholm.

The World Water Week has been the annual focal point for the globe’s water issues since 1991. Every year, SIWI provides a platform for over 200 collaborating organisations to convene events at the World Water Week. In addition, individuals from around the globe present their findings at the scientific workshops.

Each year the World Water Week addresses a particular theme to enable a deeper examination of a specific water-related topic. While not all events during the week relate to the overall theme, the workshops driven by the Scientific Programme Committee and many seminars and side events focus on various aspects of the theme. In 2014, the World Water Week in Stockholm has a theme of “Energy and Water”. An overall “systems view” of how energy and water are developed and managed for the good of society and ecosystems – at local, national, regional and global levels – and avoid unintended consequences of narrow sectoral approaches. The “water, energy and food security nexus”, underpinning the green growth approach, will be central to the agenda.
The energy and water theme will be addressed from two overall perspectives: the societal opportunities and challenges, and the cross-cutting issues.

Please visit the SWWW official webpage for more information.

Cap-Net Welcomes Lan from Laos

Cap-Net welcomes Lan (Phousavanh FONGKHAMDENG ) from the Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Lao PDR). Lan joins Cap-Net as Network attachment in Partnership Development for 3 months. Lan holds a Bachelor Degree on Environmental Science from the Centre for the Environment and Development Studies (CEDS), National University of Laos. He is a government official attached to the Department of Water Resources (DWR), Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) of Lao PDR. He has experience with IWRM implementation at national, regional, river basin and sub-basin levels, contributing to national water resources strategy, law and related legislation development, national and international cooperation affairs for IWRM with various development partners and donors. Lan has also been involved as a project manager for IWRM related projects in Lao PDR. He has been designated as a national coordinator for ASEAN working group in water resources management, national alternate steering committee member for Global Water Partnership-Southeast Asia (GWP-SEA), national focal point for AguaJaring Network SEA and acts as an interim steering committee member for Lao PDR. In the region, he gained extensive experience in joining the on-the-job training as junior riparian professional in Mekong River Commission Secretariat. He is an excellent communicator with good human relations. A team player, Lan loves to travel and study. He can be contacted at

Planning Meeting on Development on the Need for an Integrated Approach to Coastal Zone and River Basin Management – 26 to 28 May 2014, Copenhagen.

Cap-Net and partners held a planning meeting at Copenhagen from 26 to 28 May to develop a programme on the need for an integrated approach to coastal zone and river basin management. Partner networks REDICA and CKNet and international partners UNESCO-IHE, UNEP-DHI, UNDP and PEMSEA came together in a meeting organised by UNEP-DHI and discussed the development of a training package and rolling out a capacity development programme on the subject. The programme will focus on the linkages between coastal zones and river basins and aim to advocate integration of their management. The capacity development activities to be rolled out will target coastal and river basin managers and government decision makers, making use of the outreach through affiliated networks and partners. The aim is to have training modules developed before the end of the year and have these tested in a pilot training by January 2015. For more information please contact



A vacancy for the position of Rector of UNESCO-IHE is opened for application.

Under the authority of the Assistant Director-General for the Natural Sciences (ADG/SC), the incumbent will work closely with the Governing Board of the Institute and the IHE Foundation, implement a global vision and strategy for the Institute in a sustainable manner that corresponds to UNESCO’s mandate in general, and in water resources education and science in particular, addressing the needs of Member States, leading the development of effective Research, Education and Business Plans, in line with the vision and strategy to secure the necessary support and funding, as well as to ensure its effective implementation after the approval of the Institute’s Governing Board.
The incumbent will collaborate with the Director of the UNESCO Division of Water Sciences, and in a coordinated manner, lead enhanced contributions of the Institute to the activities of the International Hydrological Programme, the World Water Assessment Programme, and the network of Category II UNESCO water Centers and Chairs.

This is a D-2 grade position with highly competitive benefits and renumeration.

The deadline for application is June 14, 2014 (Midnight Paris Time).

Click on this link for more information and to apply online


Vacancy for Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor in Water Services Management at UNESCO-IHE

A vacancy in UNESCO-IHE is available for Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor in Water Services Management. The Senior Lecturer/Researcher or Associate Professor of Water Services Management will strengthen the Water Management Chair Group. The successful candidate is competent in water utility management in general, and in specific fields that are particularly relevant in a developing context, such as operational excellence (e.g. NRW, energy efficiency), organizational development, performance management, accountabillity, asset management and/or public-private partnerships. He/she is a qualified practitioner or scientist with research and practical experience, with a clear and critical vision on the role of technical and social sciences in water services management. The successful candidate will facilitate the acquisition of appropriate educational, capacity building and research projects in developing countries and countries in transition. He/she will contribute to education, research and capacity development projects within the Department of Integrated Water Systems and Governance, with other academic departments within the Institute and with partner institutions. He/she is willing to work on interdisciplinary topics in multidisciplinary groups.

The deadline for this application is 10 June 2014. Download the brochure for more information about this application.


Training Report and Materials from MELP Training in Delft 2014

The training report and materials for MELP Training 2014 which was held in Delft, The Netherlands is available for download in pdf format here.

Cap-Net Welcomes Marina from Brazil

Cap-Net UNDP welcomes Marina Talini from Brazil as the first Network Attachment in ‘Leverage Capacity’ this month of May for a duration of 3 months. She will assist in identifying, analysing and reporting on the leverage effect of support provided by Cap-Net to partner networks capacity development delivery activities.

Marina holds a Bacharelado (Bachelor degree) in Translation (French-Portuguese), and a Pós-graduação (Master degree) in International Relations studies, both from the University of Brasilia, and specialized on Public Policies related to climate change and preservation of biodiversity. After several positions in the translation and teaching fields, she joined the Chancery of the Embassy of France in Brazil coordinating the administrative work, supporting the French delegations and public relations of the service. She then worked for the ASPAT, a Peruvian NGO for people affected by tuberculosis, in charge of redefinition of the fund-raising and the strategic planning of the association. During her experience in Peru, she was also involved in a project developed by the Universidad Católica del Peru which focused on sustainable development workshops, and revitalization of the green areas of the city of Lima.

For more information please contact Marina at

IWRM as a Tool for Adaptation to Climate Change” – 14 to 17 April 2014, São Paulo, Brazil.

The first edition of the workshop “IWRM as a Tool for Adaptation to Climate Change” was held at the Interdisciplinary Center Climate Investigation – INCLINE (, University of São Paulo – USP, on 14 – 17 April 2014, in São Paulo. The workshop was facilitated by Professor Eduardo Mario Mendiondo, Engineering School of São Carlos – EESC/USP, and Professor Tércio Ambrizzi, Institute of Astronomy, Geophysics and Atmospheric Sciences of University of São Paulo – IAG/USP. A total of 19 participants from participants basin committees, public and private sector, water managers, water users, professionals and climate academy attended this workshop.

The workshop was organized by Cap-Net Brasil, supported Cap -Net UNDP, and partnership with the University of São Paulo – USP, Center for Climate Change – INCLINE, IAG – Institute of Astronomy, Geophysics and Atmospheric Sciences of University of São Paulo, Engineering School of São Carlos – EESC/USP, Watershed Committees and others.

The second edition is planned for the second semester of 2014, in Rio de Janeiro, RJ and the venue will be announced in due course. For more information, please contact Priscila.

Call for Papers: Latin America Water Week 2015 – 23 to 27 March 2015, Viña del Mar, Chile.

The Latin Water Week 2015 will be held from 23 to 27 of March 2015 in Viña del Mar, Chile. This will be an opportunity to be part of a unique platform for the exchange of experiences and practices between the scientific, business, policy and civic communities; focuses on new thinking and positive action was the water-related challenges and their impact on the environment, health, climate, economy and community.

The objectives of this conference are as follow:

• To consolidate and develop a space for reflection on the issue of water,

• To explore the challenges present between water, society, environment and economy,

• To promote partnerships and proactive partnerships between individuals and organizations with different specializations,

• To emphasise on innovative research, best practices and developing innovative policies for different stakeholders, multidisciplinary experts from around the world,

• To provide real answers for the management of water, environment and economic development, by linking best practices, scientific knowledge, policy and specific decisions.

The Dateline of Abstract Submission will 6 of June 2014.

For more information and registration, please visit

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