AguaJaring was officially launched in 22nd October 2007 during the 3rd South East Asia Water Forum in Kuala Lumpur. It subscribes to the principles of local ownership and partnership in the capacity development process, working with local and regional partners to respond to demands and to address challenges in water resources management in the water sector.

AguaJaring (meaning Water Network in the local language) is a non-profit and an all inclusive network for capacity development and management in the water sector in the Southeast Asian countries.

AguaJaring evolved from SEACap-Net in 2007, which was historically a capacity building arm of the Global Water Partnership (GWP) for the Southeast Asian Water Partnership (GWP-SEA) in the Asian region.


The main goal of AguaJaring is to facilitate and promote education, training and sharing of knowledge in the water sector at all levels amongst the Southeast Asian countries which the following objectives:

  • To strengthen the overall human and institutional capacity of IWRM in the region
  • To stimulate regional capacity building and promote international cooperation in the field of education, training and research at all levels in IWRM
  • To promote opportunities in training and education in the region
  • To stimulate and strengthen collaborative research in the field of IWRM
  • To promote the generation of resources to support capacity building in IWRM
  • To promote sharing and dissemination of experiences of IWRM.

Member Countries of AguaJaring

AguaJaring Placeholder