The Arab Integrated Water Resources Management Network (AWARENET) is an independent, impartial regional network of training and research institutes, NGOs, government authorities and experts in the field of water engaged in the development and delivery of capacity building programs and resource material on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) policies and practices for the Arab region.

The network was established on March 2002 with support from ESCWA and a number of regional and international organizations. The launching of AWARENET took place during a “workshop for water knowledge consumers and producers” held in Beirut in March 2002 and was officially endorsed by ESCWA in its 22nd Ministerial Session through Resolution 244 (XXII) on the cooperation between ESCWA member countries with respect to shared water resources and the Arab Network for the Integrated Management of Water Resources. It is hosted by ESCWA as the network secretariat.


The main objective of the network is to better provide the public with water and sanitation services, protect precious water resources and the environment, and promote socio-economically constructive uses of water by improving the implementation of IWRM concepts in the countries of the Arab region.

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