Central Asian Regional Water Network)

Central Asian Regional Water Network (CAR@WAN) is an open network, which combines different countries’ knowledge and experience in IWRM and provides support for capacity building at different levels in water sector in Central Asian region.


CAR@WAN was created during cooperation with Central Asian water experts in the following projects:

  • Developing of the «Integrated Water Resources Management» course for universities of Central Asia under the support of UNESCO (2008-2009);
  • Developing of the review «Education in Water Sector in Central Asian Universities» (2010-2011) under the support of UNESCO. You can find course material and review at the UNESCO website: www.unesco.kz;
  • Developing of the Guideline «Improving decision-making procedures based on integrated approach to water resources management», under the support of OSCE (2010).


Member Countries of CAR@WAN

CAR@WAN Placeholder