CB-HYDRONET (Congo Basin Network for Research and Capacity Development in Water Resources) is a Network of the Congo Basin for Research and Capacity Development in Water Resources. The overall mission of the CB-HYDRONET is to achieve sustainable management and development of water resources in the Congo Basin through provision of high quality information, knowledge, and skills as well as to enable capacity development by promoting and encouraging information sharing, technical assistance, development and implementation of demand driven research and capacity development activities at the different levels (policy, planning, practitioners, education, and grassroots).

The design and establishment process of the CB-HYDRONET started as of March 2013 following several contacts and informal meetings with various stakeholders involved in capacity development activities within the African region, which aimed at meeting the urgent capacity development needs in the Congo Basin. Some of these contacts involved staff members of Cap-Net, a global network of capacity development in sustainable water resources management.
Currently, the ground work of the network design and establishment has been conducted, which resulted in the identification of members of the network, key partners, and the production of the basic working documents for the network, notably: Initial List of Members, Operational Guidelines, Code of Conduct, and Constitution. The ground work also consisted of setting-up the main structure of the Regional Secretariat as well as identifying capacity development activities for the second semester of 2013, aimed at consolidating the network establishment and preparing a road map for 2014’s capacity development activities.


The assigned objectives to the CB-HYDRONET are imbedded in the three areas of capacity building as follow:
Strengthening partnership:

  • To establish a collaborative framework of applied research, training and knowledge sharing, technology transfer and dissemination of information of Integrated Water Resources Management in the Congo Basin;
  • To enhance co-operative human and institutional capacity building activities at regional level and stimulate the integration of the different capacity building components, namely: Education, Training, Applied Research and Outreach activities;
  • To set up a basin wide information centre and database that can be easily accessed by researchers and professionals interested in water resources of the basin;
  • To contribute to the development of the network as an overall regional platform of the basin for disseminating data and information among professionals and as the main meeting place of collaborative research activities.


Capacity development

  • To contribute to the development of capacities and skills required in quality and quantity for IWRM implementation in the basin;
  • To build awareness on the role of capacity building in improving water resources management and development in the basin;
  • To provide information, education and training and enhance the research capacity in water resources of the basin;
  • To contribute to the development of the Congo Basin long term vision, of sustainable water resources management and development, in the context that addresses Equity, Efficient Use, Environment Sustainability and Adaptation to Climate Change.


Knowledge management

  • To use the concepts and potential of Knowledge Networks and Communities of Practice for knowledge creation and innovation in the Congo Basin;
  • To generate and implement joint research with tangible outputs, contributing directly to the generation of knowledge in water resources management;
  • To co-create sustainable ways of collaboration, knowledge dissemination and knowledge networking in the basin;
  • To make use and contribute to the implementation of research findings worldwide on the Congo Basin water resources’ systems;
  • To disseminate the lessons learned and experiences with the CB-HYDRONET to other water-related domain fields and deliver advice and services to develop new network start-up initiatives.

Member Countries of CB-Hydronet

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