Latin America Water, Education and Training Network

LA-WETnet was formed at a workshop held in Lima, Peru, July 15-17th. 2002. The network was formed in response to the commitments made by Member States of the United Nations in 2000, which led to the Millennium Development Goals.

The commitment assumed in 2002 was followed. LA-WETnet was formed and activities implemented always through and thanks to its open membership, and within Cap-Net´s global framework, of which LA-WETnet has been affiliated since its formation in Lima in 2002.

Since 2002, almost 3.000 stakeholders (40% women) participated in 65 courses and capacity developmemt activities, together with 95 partner organisations, in 14 countries in Latin America.

LA-WETnet is an open network. A setting of individuals, organizations, and programmes that have decided freely to collaborate, share activities, information and resources, and take action together in the broad field of capacity development in the water sector. We form an autonomous, open, and non-profit network in Latin America.

Mission statement:

Form a network of organizations and individuals dedicated to capacity development and water management to strengthen capacities of stakeholders groups in Latin America, for sustainable water management and improved access to water and sanitation, contributing to the health, environmental protection, and poverty reduction in the region in a climate change context.

Member Countries of LA-WETnet

LA-WETnet Placeholder