In the past ten years a unique network has emerged in the Nile basin to support collaborative research among Nile water professionals:The Nile Basin Capacity Building Network for River Engineering (NBCBN-RE). This network was coordinated by the NBCBN Secretariat with the support of UNESCO-IHE and the Hydraulics Research Institute of Egypt. It is unique in that it achieved to create collaboration between formerly isolated water professionals in a region characterized by political tension, poverty and growing water scarcity, while it was generally understood that a stable economic growth can only be guaranteed through agreed use of the water resources of the river Nile. Collaboration between water professionals contributes to improved knowledge, based on applied scientific research, which at its turn contributes to the dialogue over water issues in the region. Almost all water related questions have a regional dimension and interventions have regional impacts.


Developmental Objective:To ensure that the Nile Basin water resources are developed and managed in an equitable, optimal, integrated, and sustainable manner. Long Term objective:To contribute to the establishment of an overall knowledge network for the Nile region (Nile Net) as a means to support stability and solidarity, and to support the activities of the Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) in building strategic partnerships between water professionals, research and government authorities in a sensitive environment in Africa.

Specific Objectives

  • To develop a sustainable regional Knowledge Network of water sector professionals from the Nile Basin and related Communities of Practice, using the innovative concepts and best practices of Knowledge Networking and COP’s
  • To strengthen regional water Research capacity on the basis of problem-solving, multidisciplinary and stakeholder-involved research-pilots and training-on-demand
  • To develop a regional water Knowledge base and to build human and institutional capacity through a collaborative and participative process of knowledge sharing, creation, dissemination and application among water professionals of all ten Nile basin countries
  • To support the involvement of CoP-members in market-driven R&D activities and to stimulate the network communities to become also involved in broader cross-cutting issues like Management of Water Scarcity, Impact of Climate Change and Climate Variability on the water resources system, Extreme Events, etc
  • To develop a sound monitoring and facilitation mechanism to guide and support the Network Development process at local, national, regional and international level

Member Countries of NBCBN-RE

NBCBN-RE Placeholder