REDICA (Central American Network of Engineering Institutions)

REDICA was founded in 1998 as a regional network to meet the economic, social, environmental and political changes that are affecting Central America and the need to mobilise national and regional capacities.
REDICA was created as part of a framework for capacity development in sustainable development in Central America.
It is composed of professional associations and a dozen public and private universities in Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize and the Dominican Republic.
REDICA members interact with local governments, technical organisations, non-governmental organisations related to water resources and with vulnerable, rural, indigenous populations, as well as productive, industrial and agricultural sectors.
To articulate capabilities, resources and efforts in the region to improve the education, research, coverage and service development and management of water resources, awareness of climate change and gender equity, as well as regional and bilateral cooperation with other regional and international organisations.


  • To mobilize regional and national capacity through different cooperation mechanisms
  • To promote the development and application of the engineering disciplines In the solution of the social and economical problems of the region
  • To joint efforts for the imoprovement of the education, research, extension and service delivery in the engineering fields
  • To improve regional cooperation and bi-lateral among network members and other regional and local organisation
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Member Countries of REDICA

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