The South Asia Consortium for Interdisciplinary Water Resources Studies (SaciWATERs) is committed to bringing about structural changes in the dominant water resources management paradigm in South Asia Region. SaciWATERs, through its flagship project ‘Crossing Boundaries’, has attempted to strengthen integrated and gender-sensitive water resources management policy and practice in the region through higher education, research, knowledge base development and advocacy.

The SaciWATERs joined the Cap-Net Global Network in 2009 as one of its South Asian networks to create the SaciWATERs-CapNet Network (SCaN). The SCaN comprises of autonomous regional & national institutions and individuals committed to capacity building in the water sector. The SaciWATERs hosts the network and acts as its legal, administrative and financial umbrella.

Member Countries: India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bhutan

Vision: To strengthen the human and institutional capacity by adopting an integrated approach within water sector in South Asia region through education & training; research; knowledge base development; advocacy and networking.


  1. Facilitating network members to conduct capacity building programmes in IWRM through partnerships.
  2. Providing network members a platform for sharing skills, expertise and resources to strengthen and upscale their efforts and impact in IWRM.
  3. Expanding multidisciplinary knowledge base in IWRM and its reach in the water sector.

SCaN website:

Member Countries of SaciWATERs – Cap-Net Network (SCaN)

SaciWATERs - Cap-Net Network Placeholder
SaciWATERs - Cap-Net Network