WaterCap is an open country network of individual professionals and institutionsNetwork for Capacity Development in Water Resources Management in Kenya established in 2010. It evolved from the Kenya country chapter of the regional network Nile IWRM-Net. Membership is open to any person or institution that wishes to further the interests of the network.


WaterCap works for multi-disciplinary, multi-sectoral and holistic approaches for achieving sustainable, equitable, economical and efficient use and development of water resources with the following objectives:

  • To promote capacity building for sustainable management of water resources;
  • To promote and develop the necessary skills for water resource management;
  • To facilitate research, studies and knowledge linkage action on water and environmental management;
  • To provide the facilities and infrastructure which allow for continued participation and interaction of water professionals;
  • Collaborate and interact with other capacity building institutions, professionals and water sector players; and
  • Articulate issues of welfare and professional advancement of its members.

The network is founded on the following principles

  • Local Ownership;
  • Multidisciplinary membership and expertise;
  • Partnerships for growth;
  • Demand driven programmes;
  • Transparency and accountability; and
  • Knowledge, competency, and information sharing.

Member Countries of WaterCap

WaterCap Placeholder