1. Management Planning for the Bued River Watershed – The project is
being carried out by an inter-agency technical working group (TWG) of
which, ARBDC is a member. Its objective is the sustainable development
and multiple-use management of the Bued River watershed in support of
eco-tourism. It covers the entire drainage area of the Bued River,
which is approximately 14,370 hectares. The project duration covered
from January to December 2003.
2. Master Planning for the San Roque Dam Watershed Reservation and Its
Immediate Vicinity in the Pangasinan Area – The objective of the
project is to layout a broad development framework that will serve as a
guide in the coordination, detailed planning and implementation of
development activities within the watershed reservation and the
immediate dam vicinity in the Pangasinan area. Covering the period from
June to December 2003, ARBDC actively participated in the inter-agency
planning and technical working groups responsible for providing policy
support, overall supervision as well as secretariat support during the
course of the preparation of the said master plan.

Number of staff members: 7
Type of activities:

Education and Training,Research,Consultancy / advice,Policy development,Information