1. South Sinai water resources development project: The main emphasis of the work is directed to wadi watier area, the study is provided in eight main reports covers geological, geophysical, hydrological, hydrogeochemical, social-economic and environmental design of protection and control works, and finally tender documents and bill of quantity. 2. Protection of El-Negra area from flash floods (Aswan): the objective of the project is to protect 100,000 feddans and to develop the area, and prevent the possible flood disaster. 3. South Sinai ground water resources study (Egypt): Studying the existing and available ground water I south Sinai and also the relation between the surface water and ground water, inventory of the different ground water aquifers and natural spring and evaluation of the ground water and construction of hydrogrological map for south Sinai. The project period: 1996-1999 4. Flash flood protection works of the economical area(north-west Suez gulf): the project is designed to sustain the benefits of the previous goals and contained different studies as morphological, climatology, geological, hydrological and design of control and protection works (dams, dikes).

Number of staff members: 39
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Education and Training,Research,Consultancy / advice


Hydrology, Water resources management