The WSP is an international partnership of the world's leading development agencies concerned with water and sanitation services for the poor. Its mission is to alleviate poverty by helping the poor gain sustained access to improved water and sanitation services. It is managed through a head office in Washington, D.C. and four regional offices in South Asia, East Asia and the Pacific, Africa, and the Andean Region. The Program's comparative advantage derives from its strong field presence, well-established network of sector specialists, track record of quality staffing, and ability to respond to the changing demands of its clients. It operates in more than 30 countries, assisting local partners to overcome obstacles and to identify innovative solutions to problems of service provision in poor communities. The Program's partnership approach encourages lessons to be shared across agency, country, and regional boundaries and creates a momentum for global learning on critical themes. The Program works as a respected, independent source of knowledge, advice, and support, playing the role of an "honest broker" and supporting policy makers and national and regional coordinating efforts. Its position within the World Bank-one of the largest investors in water and sanitation in developing countries-increases access to national policy makers and creates important opportunities for learning.

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Education and Training,Policy development


water and sanitation, promotion, information