Capacity Development in Water and Wastewater 25 years: What have we learned?

During the handover session of the chair of AguaJaring to Dora Gamboa from Phil Cap-Net, Mr Jan Yap T.L. presented on ‘Capacity Development/Building are being practiced during the last 25 years’. The abstract includes crucial findings that encompass the ‘enabling environment’, ‘organisational level’ and ‘individual level’. To read the full abstract and findings, the pdf file can be downloaded here. For more information, you may also contact Mr Jan Yap T.L. who is also the network manager for CKNet-INA (Collaborative Knowledge Network – Indonesia) via email.

Handover of Aguajaring’s New Chairperson – 24th October 2017, Kuala Lumpur.

Cap-UNDP would also like to congratulate and welcome Dr Rodora H. Gamboa as the new Chairperson of Aguajaring. The handling over of Aguajaring’s New Chairperson took place during the National Forum 2017 on ‘Wastewater as a Resource: Opportunities and Capacity Development’ on the 24th October 2017. The event witnessed the handing over of Aguajaring’s Chairmanship by Mr Jan T.L. Yap from Indonesia to Dr Rodora H. Gamboa from Philippines, after a brief introduction about Cap-Net, AquaJaring, MyCDNet, Phil Cap-Net and CK-net by Dr. Low Kwai SIm, Advisor to MyCDNet and Aguajaring.

For more information please contact Dr Rodora H Gamboa.

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