Workshop on climate change adaptation tools arranged by Cap-Net Lanka in Sri Lanka

A training programme series on “Institutional and Management Capacity Development of Farmer Leaders in Medium Irrigation Schemes to Cope with Climate Change” has been commenced on 30th March 2017 by Cap-Net Lanka. The programme series has been arranged together with the Sri Lankan Water Partnership (Lanka Salani) as well as other local agencies. The workshop was held at the Irrigation Engineer’s office in the north-western province, and 60 farmer leaders and agency staff, including 10 women, actively participated in the programme.

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Cap-Net Lanka – PGIA Junior Water Awards for Innovations in Schools and Competition in Aqua Republica

Cap-Net Lanka held the Aqua Republica educational game competition and Junior Water Award programme in-line with the Water Professionals’ Day on 01st of October at Postgraduate Institute of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. “ Mr Gardener”, an innovation from a school to apply urine with an automated collection, treatment and distribution system to plants in the garden as a fertilizer was awarded the first price.

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Groundwater Availability and Use in the Dry Zone of Sri Lanka 22 July, Sri Lanka

Symposium on Groundwater Availability and Use in the Dry Zone of Sri Lanka will be conducted on 22 July 2016 in Appathurai Auditorium, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya. This is organized by Cap-Net Lanka, postgraduate Institute of Agriculture (PGIA), University of Peradeniya and International Water Management Institute (IWMI). It will disseminate the knowledge generated on the availability and use of groundwater in Sri Lanka where water is being increasingly exploited. The symposium will include a panel discussion aiming at producing a much needed policy document.

Workshop on Rainwater harvesting to cope with the Impact of Climate Change 15-16th June 2016 Sri Lanka

Rainwater is cleaner than the groundwater at its present context and it is important to educate the community on the importance of rainwater harvesting and ways to cleanly collect and store it. Cap-Net Lanka of the Postgraduate Institute of Agriculture (PGIA), University of Peradeniya, Lanka Rain water Harvesting Forum of the Ministry of Environment, The Open University of Sri Lanka jointly organize the training workshop on rainwater harvesting to cope with the impact of climate change and will be held in Lanka Rainwater Harvesting Forum, Pelawatta. This workshop will mainly focus on climate change impacts on water resources and the importance of rainwater harvesting in rural and urban areas. The workshop will enable trainees to disseminate the knowledge they gained to the communities and to use as a drought preparedness tool.

Workshop on Agronomic Practices in Other Food Crops Cultivation to Cope with Climate Change

As part of the Sri Lanka Water Partnership (SLWP) continuing programme on Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) in the irrigation sector, a workshop on the above was held on the 24th March 2016 for Irrigation Department (ID) staff of the Monaragala District at the In-Service Training Institute of the Department of Agriculture at Angunakolapellessa. The 35 participants (27 male and 8 female) included Engineers, Engineering Assistants, Development Officers and Field Assistants of the ID. This programme was part of SLWP World Water Day Programme and was implemented as a SLWP and Cap Net Lanka joint activity.

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Training Programme in Integrated Water Resources Management in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka – 18-22nd September 2015, Killinochchi

This training programme was held for 30 officials of the Northern Province of Sri Lanka to address emerging problems associated with water resources planning, development and management with the accelerated development work after the end of conflict. The programme was organized jointly by the CapNet-Lanka of the Postgraduate Institute of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya and the WASO-ASIA Project of Faculties of Engineering and Agriculture of University of Jaffna supported by the Government of Norway.

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