Training on Mainstreaming Water Security and Climate Resilience into National and Sector Planning Processes, 28th September to 2nd October 2015, Kampala, Uganda

This training was held in Kampala, Uganda from 28th September to 2nd October 2015. It was financially supported by Ministry of Water and Environment in Uganda, Cap-Net UNDP and Global Water Partnership (GWP). The training was facilitated by GWP East Africa and Nile IWRM Net.

The purpose of the training was to provide participants with background information on climate change and the need for adaptation as well as practical, step-by-step guidance on how governments, national and local actors can mainstream climate change adaptation into national and sector development planning as part of broader mainstreaming efforts. The target group was those involved in planning, budgeting and implementation of water and related activities at national, regional/basin, district and local levels namely planners, economists, natural resources officers, water officers, community development officers etc. 35 participants drawn from river basin organizations, local governments, private sector, and central government attended the training. The wide range of professionals enabled exchange of views across various areas area of the training.

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Regional Training on Applying Integrated Water Resource Management Tools for Drought Risk Management – 15 to 19 June 2015.

The Global Water Partnership Eastern Africa (GWPEA), International Network for Capacity Developent in Sustainable Water Management (Cap-Net UNDP) through Nile IWRM Net, and the Water and Land Resource Center (WLRC) organised a training on ‘Applying Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) Tools for Drought Risk Management’ in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 15 to 19 June 2015. Continue reading

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