World Water Day 2015 Celebration – 26 April 2015, Penang, Malaysia.

Penang WWD 1In partnership with the Penang Water Supply Corporation, Water Watch Penang, a member of MyCDNet, organised the World Water Day 2015 celebration which took place at the Air Itam Dam, Penang Malaysia on the 26 April 2015. The event took place a monthlater than the original date of the World Water Day (22 March 2015) due to constraint in schedule and venue selection. The event was officiated by the Chief Minister of Penang, Mr. Lim Guan Eng followed by speech on the importance of wise water consumption towards sustainable development of Penang as well as preventing water rationing in the future due to climate change. Apart from that, the event includes other activities such as water theme-based drawing and coloring competition followed by environmental and water exhibition by NGOs, public and private sectors and universities and interactive games. For more information please contact Water Watch Penang President, Professor Dr. Chan Ngai Weng.

Launching of the 2015 UN Report on ‘Water for Sustainable World’ dedicated to the World Water Day – 8 April 2015, Almaty, Kazakhtan.

The World Water Day was celebrated in Almaty on April 8, 2015. UNESCO Cluster Office in Almaty in collaboration with the Central-Asian Regional Water Network CAR@WAN organized a round-table presentation of the report of the United Nations ‘Water for sustainable world’ dedicated to the World Water Day. The event was attended by representatives from public, research, educational and community organizations, including non-resident representatives of non-governmental sector. Prior to the event a press briefing was held together with an online conference with regional media representatives. CAR@WAN Network Manager, Ms. Vera Mustafina, was the key speaker at the press-briefing and the moderator of the round-table session.
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