This manual is intended primarily for trainers and facilitators, practitioners, and water and natural resources managers, and is aimed at strengthening the capacity to anticipate and reduce the impact of drought through enhancing knowledge and skills for drought risk reduction practices as an integral part of the development process at community, national, sub-regional and regional levels. More specifically, the manual will:

  • € Create greater awareness about effective drought risk management and responses;
  • € Provide comprehensive knowledge on drought disaster preparedness, mitigation and rehabilitation;
  • € Enable learners to carry out risk assessment and vulnerability analysis; and
  • € Generate awareness of the institutional mechanism, mobilization and participation in drought disaster management.

The approach of this manual emphasizes an improved understanding of both the natural hazard and the human exposure to this climatic event. The different elements of drought risk management and how they contribute to better understanding and management of drought risk are explained.

The first part of the manual focuses on defining the interaction and relationship between drought, integrated water resources management, and types of vulnerability domains. Module 3 builds on the Hyogo Framework of Action to provide an understanding of how drought risk management functions as an integrated approach within the context of sustainable development. After presenting the theoretical foundation for the understanding of drought occurrences and monitoring, the emphasis shifts towards risk assessment and vulnerability analysis by taking livelihood factors into account in order to understand the potential and actual effects of drought on people. The last part of this manual will provide insight into the prioritization and practical measures for mitigation and preparedness.

When using this manual, considerable attention to practical examples, situations and realities on the ground is recommended in order to link and illustrate terms, concepts and processes successfully.

This manual is only available in English language.

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