There has been inadequate attention to groundwater management within the reforms towards an IWRM approach. Yet a fundamental observation of IWRM is that water is one (interlinked) resource requiring a holistic approach to management .

Cap-Net, the Africa Groundwater Network (AGW-Net) and GW-MATE (Ground Water Management Advisory Team) have collaborated to produce these training materials on groundwater management. An important objective is to address groundwater in the IWRM perspective. Groundwater is technically complex but the technical expert and the water manager must reach a common understanding. We hope that these training materials will assist in achieving that objective.

This manual was written by Dr Richard Owen, Dr Muna Mirghani, Dr Moustapha Diene, Dr Albert Tuinhof and Dr Paul Taylor. For most of the modules the manual has drawn liberally from the excellent series of Briefing Notes written by members of GW-MATE, a World Bank programme.

The manual is available in English and is in the process of translation into other languages. A CD version will include all available languages PowerPoint slides and references.