The high rate of non-functional boreholes in many parts of the world is attributable, in part, to a lack of professionalism in the drilling sector. In order to increase access to a safe and sustain- able water supply, competent and experienced drilling contrac- tors must be engaged. Likewise, suitable equipment is needed and experienced consultants are required to supervise construc- tion.

This guidance note assists project managers involved in the provision of groundwater supplies using boreholes. It sets out procurement and contract management procedures that will lead to the engagement of professional groundwater consult- ants, drilling contractors and suppliers. The publication will ena- ble clients to ensure that they have the know-how to get the expected results out of drilling contracts.

The publication is primarily about procurement and contract management of multiple boreholes within the context of water supply programmes. However, it also contains advice for institu- tions, private businesses, householders and communities en- gaging drilling consultants, contractors and suppliers to drill single boreholes.

The guidance note systematically explains the four stages in borehole procurement and contract management: (1) procure- ment planning; (2) contract award; (3) contract management and (4) monitoring and reporting. It sets out the actions that need to be taken at each stage by the project manager and supervisors as well as the contractors, consultants and suppliers.

This publication emphasises that objectivity, transparency and integrity are essential in the procurement and contract man- agement process.

Note that this is an update of the 2010 publication of the same name, with minor corrections.

This training manual is also available in French and Portuguese.