This field note is written for water well drilling enterprises as well as other agencies which manage, or are involved in drilling projects. Using a step-by-step approach it gives clear guidance on how to cost and price the construction of drilled water wells. It also provides tips on business management with an emphasis of the realities faced in many countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Once you are familiar with this field note, you will be in a much stronger position to calculate drilling costs, consider prices and deal with business realities.

There are five distinct steps to costing and pricing: (1) the basic costs of running your business; (2) analysis of tender docu- ments; (3) setting out the cost components; (4) calculating your costs and (5) determining your price. Within each step a number of key issues need to be considered. Costs are broken down into siting, mobilisation, drilling, casing/completion, well devel- opment/pumping test and pump installation. Practical, worked examples enable the reader to easily follow the costing method. The field note sets out bills of quantities and considers how to deal with risks and uncertainties as well as the tender process. Key advice for effective management is also given.

The authors of this field note sincerely hope that it helps drilling enterprises to develop and flourish, and thus contributes to improving water supplies, particularly in the developing world.

Note that this is an update of the 2010 publication of the same name, with minor corrections.

This training manual is also available in French and Portuguese.