Water supply and sanitation

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5. Benefits of IWRM to water supply and sanitation. (1 of 2)



Water Security
Above all, properly applied IWRM would lead to the water security of the world’s poor and unserved being assured. The implementation of IWRM based policies should mean increased security of domestic water supplies, as well as reduced costs of treatment as pollution is tackled more effectively. Conflict between water users is reduced.

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Efficient use
An increasing recognition of the economic value of water is in part behind current moves to more efficient use. Greater integration in management of water resources will help to reduce conflict between water users by ensuring agreed efficiency of use in competing sectors.

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Improved waste management
Major blind spots exist due to failure to coordinate effectively with other sectors. The issue of wastewater disposal provides a good example. Here, rather than working together with other sectors to exploit a potentially important economic resource, the attitude tends to be one of out of sight, out of mind.

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