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6. Barriers to implementing IWRM in the environment. (1 of 1)  


Urge for action
Of all the sectors, the environment is probably the one with most to gain from implementation of IWRM. Usually at the end of the queue (if not missing altogether) when water allocations are made, it is suffering the consequences of water scarcity and poor awareness. The desire for an IWRM approach is therefore very strong in the environment sector, but there are some stumbling blocks to be overcome:


Lack of awareness
Lack of awareness among all water users is the biggest obstacle to change. In many instances.

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Lack of political will
Lack of political will to combat vested interests is also an important barrier. Fishes have no voice, farmers do. Often the interest of farmers and other water users prevail over the water needs of ecosystems.

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Lack of human and financial resources
Lack of human and financial resources causes ecosystems not to be taken into account in planning and development.


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